Talks must be in English as well as slides and posters.


Oral Sessions Instructions

Contributed papers for presentation in the oral format will be arranged in parallel sessions. A period of 20 minutes, including 5 minutes discussion, will be allotted to each paper.

Standard equipment: PC, computer projector, will be available in each lecture room. To avoid delays and technical problems, plugging of personal computers in the conference rooms will not be possible. The computer presentation must be readable by Microsoft based Windows 7 (AcrobatReader, PowerPointViewer).

Authors are requested to upload their files from a pen drive at their conference room, previously to their talk. Presentation files compatibility with conference computers must be checked.

Before preparing your pen drive check few rules given below:

• Name all files using the room , the day and your name, i.e.: PARANA II_Monday_Bendsoe.ppt (Prof. Bendsoe’s tall will be on Monday at PARANA II room)
• Use similar naming for all additional files.
• File name must consist of following ASCII characters [a-z,A-Z,0-9,_,.] ONLY! File names with national characters are rejected.
• Avoid non-standard formats for movies. Best compatibility is guaranteed by classical AVI format. Other movie files often need special decoders.
• Verify if all necessary files are collected in the same directory. Do not use any sub-directories for movies. Usually movie file cannot be played from subdirectory if presentation is moved to other computer.
• Copy your files to other, independent computer and test your presentation carefully before uploading. It permits to discover and repair all incompatibilities.
• Default disk space for one lecture presentation is max. 50MB. This size can be increased if such action is requested.
All presenters should show up 15 minutes prior to the beginning of their sections to define final details with the session Chairman.


Poster Session Instructions

The Poster Session is scheduled for June 22, Wednesday at the Conference Center Foyer from 10:30 to 12:10.

The board for the poster is 2 meters high and 1 meter wide.

The posters will be in exhibition along all the day in the in the corresponding room .

Authors must fix their posters on Wednesday from 8:00 to 8:30.

Poster Format Instructions:
For your presentation only one poster per accepted paper is allowed. The size of the poster should be A0 portrait (height x width = 118.8 cm x 84.0 cm). The header of your poster should state the title followed by the authors and your organization.

Poster Sections
We advise to divide your poster into the following sections:

>> Problem definition & objectives: Make clear which problem you have studied and the aims of your work.

>> Strategy, methods, theory: Indicate how you have tried to solve the set problem. Emphasize novel theoretical and experimental approaches.

>> Results: Present your findings to justify the conclusions. Make use of tables and graphs.

>> Conclusions: Draw conclusions about what you have learned from your work. Indicate the significance of the conclusions.

>> References: Give maximum 4 key references to position your work.

>> Acknowledgements: Should be mentioned if any.

Additional Advice
• The poster should be self-explanatory especially the objectives and the conclusions
• Each section in the poster should be clearly marked with a title
• Make sure that all of your poster is readable from a distance up to 3 meters
• Use bullets to convey your message instead of full sentences when possible
• All tables and graphs should have a caption and the axes of graphs should be clearly labeled
• Do not overload tables and graphs with data